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Six Signs of a Roof Leak

When It’s Time to Call a Roofing Company for an Inspection

Most St. Louis Metro East homeowners never look for roof damage or call a roofing contractor for an inspection unless their home has been hit by a storm. While wind and heavy rains are the most common causes of roof holes and cracks, they’re not the only reasons why your roof may be leaking.

Roofs are susceptible to damage for several reasons – the wear and tear of age, moisture build-up due to debris, fluctuating temperatures, and pesky pests and critters, just to name a few. Unfortunately, if you don’t give your roof a quick check-up every few months or perform basic maintenance throughout the year, overlooked issues can evolve into expensive problems.

According to water damage restoration experts, the average price to remove water from a home and return it to its pre-damage condition is $3,291, but can easily hit $5,000 or higher. And that doesn’t include replacing water-damaged furniture, appliances, and other belongings. However, a roofing contractor like Crown Roofing & Exteriors can spot and repair roof leaks to prevent future damage down the road, saving you thousands in restoration costs.

As a homeowner, it’s important to keep an eye out for the following signs of a possible leak:

  • Water stains – Brown or yellow water stains on your ceiling or walls are the most significant indicator that water has caused your roof to rot. Over time, this excess moisture seeps through the drywall, resulting in cosmetic and structural problems that need to be fixed right away.
  • Attic issues – Be sure to check in your attic every few months or after a heavy downpour. Condensation on your roof deck is a sure sign something is wrong above, as are water drip spots on your attic floor and rust around nails and screws.
  • The appearance of mold – Mold from excess moisture can grow in your home’s insulation, on its drywall, and along its exterior walls. Not only does mold from a roof leak spread quickly, but it can also weaken building materials and threaten your family’s health.
  • Dripping noise – If you or your family members hear dripping or leaking sounds in your home, but can’t pinpoint the source, they may signal your roof has channeled water runoff into your walls instead of rerouting it to your gutters.
  • Damaged shingles – When shingles are improperly installed or damaged by storms, they can curl, warp, or buckle, exposing the inner layers of your roof and making them vulnerable to rain, wind, and ice.
  • A musty odor – A wet or mildewy smell in your house that can’t be erased with a good cleaning can indicate water has leaked through your roof and into your walls. If left untreated, the moisture can cause dry rot and mold that eats away at your home’s wood structure.

Cleaning up after a roof leak can be a long and expensive process. But just as important as getting your home fixed on the inside is ensuring your roof is repaired by an experienced Southern Illinois roofing company. Give Crown Roofing a call at 618.799.8375, and we can provide an on-site, no-obligation inspection of your current roof. If a roof repair or roof replacement is needed, you can trust that we’ll take every step possible to prevent leaks from threatening your home in the future.



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