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What Should I Do When Pests Destroy or Damage My Roof?

Advice for Homeowners From a Southern Illinois Roofing Contractor

From our front windows, the wildlife that visit our yards may be cute to look at. However, when they start making themselves home on our roofs, squirrels, raccoons, birds, and other pests become too close for comfort. And the problem isn’t limited to houses in rural areas – it’s just as common of a problem in larger Metro East cities like Edwardsville, Belleville, Alton, Collinsville, or Highland.

As a Southern Illinois homeowner, keeping an eye on your roof and wildlife away from it is one of the best ways to protect your house. In the cool fall and winter months, pests are looking for a safe place to warm up and avoid bad weather, and what’s more inviting than a heated home? To find a cozy spot to hide out, animals will chew, scratch, or tear off shingles or find a soft area on the roof to break through. And that’s just the beginning of the damage.

Once pests are able to sneak in, they may rip up insulation, wood, and other building materials to build a nest or travel further into your home to find a snug place to settle in. Even worse, they may reproduce, leading to a larger infestation, carry with them bacteria that can make your family sick, or chew up wires, which increases the risk of a dangerous home fire.

In the event of an animal roof attack, it’s crucial to call Crown Roofing & Exteriors as soon as possible. As a St. Louis Metro East roofing company, we can perform a free, no-obligation inspection of your roof and determine if a roof repair or complete roof replacement is required.

There are some steps you can take now to protect your roof from pests, especially with winter right around the corner:

  • Keep your roofs free from debris. Piles of leaves, branches, and other debris can attract wildlife, especially those looking to build a nest. When they have building materials ready to go, they’ll head straight toward them.
  • Ensure your roof is well-maintained. Squirrels and chipmunks are flexible little creatures that can sneak in through small roof cracks or holes. If you spot any loose, curled, or missing shingles, contact the roofing experts at Crown Roofing for an affordable roof repair.
  • Trim back any branches. Limbs and branches that hang over your roof are an easy jumping-off point for pests. They also provide shade that causes moss and mold to spread. Be sure any tree branches are at least six feet away from your roof to keep animals away.
  • Clean off your roof. Animal droppings not only carry disease, but they can also weaken your roof and alert other animals that your house is a great place to hang out. There are cleaners on the market made especially for the removal of animal waste, but in small instances, a shot with your garden hose may be enough. However, never use a power washer to tackle the mess as it can loosen shingle granules.

While Crown Roofing & Exteriors can’t keep wildlife from infiltrating your property, our roofing installers can fix the roof damage pests cause to make it harder for them to break into your home. So, at the first sign of pest damage, give us a call at 618.799.8375 to schedule your free inspection and roof repair quote.



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