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I Need a Roof Inspection. What Should I Expect From a Roofing Company?

A roof inspection is one of the best ways to protect the integrity of your home’s structure. Yet, most homeowners in Madison, St. Clair, Clinton, or Monroe counties never schedule an inspection with a local roofing contractor unless a storm has roared through the Metro East.

Early detection of minor roof issues, such as cracks or holes left by aging building materials, poor installation, pests, and minor weather events, can prevent problems from progressing into an expensive disaster. The team at Crown Roofing & Exteriors in New Baden is happy to provide a free, no-obligation inspection and roof repair or roof replacement quote if you believe your roof is at risk.

What Your Roof Inspector Will Check For

During your inspection, a Crown Roof expert will climb on your roof to evaluate the current condition of its building materials and features, including:

  • Shingles or other roof-covering materials,
  • Gutters, soffits, fascias, and downspouts,
  • Flashing, vents, skylights, chimneys, and other roofing elements,
  • And areas around antennae, satellite dishes, and various roof attachments

If they believe a roof leak has occurred, they’ll also perform an interior inspection of your attic, ceilings, or walls to identify any water damage that has compromised the safety of your home.

Your Roof Inspection Report and Recommendations

With their findings, your roof inspector will develop a thorough roof report and summary that outlines the estimated roof age and life expectancy, signs of structural damage, decay, or deterioration, and indications of active roof leaks. In addition, they’ll take photos of your roof as well as diagram its different elements so you have a full understanding of where damage has or may occur.

This detailed, easy-to-understand summary will help Crown better estimate your roof project and recommend next steps to fortify your roof and protect your home. In some cases, your roof may just need a few minor repairs, but if damage is extensive or your roof is showing its age, a full roof replacement will likely be necessary. Either way, you can rest assured we’ll provide an honest, reliable quote and expert installation you can count on.

Crown Roofing & Exteriors provides roof inspection to homeowners throughout Southern Illinois. So, whether you live in Highland, Columbia, Belleville, Edwardsville, Alton, or any other city in the St. Louis Metro East, you can rely on us to deliver the answers you need. To learn more about our roof inspection process or to make your appointment with Crown Roofing, please fill out our free quote form or call us at 618.588.5300.



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