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To the roofing experts at Crown Roofing & Exteriors, you’re family. And as family, we want to do everything possible to ensure you and your home are protected season after season. We specialize in roof repair and roof replacement services for homeowners in Glen Carbon and across Madison County who have experienced storm damage. In addition, our roofing company focuses on getting new home construction projects off the ground with superior products and expert installation.

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Glen Carbon Roofing Company Services

Because we’re a local roofing contractor, Crown is dedicated to our homeowner’s satisfaction, safety, and comfort with every roofing project we deliver.

We’re proud to partner with CertainTeed, a roofing industry leader that backs its energy-efficient roofing products with 100 years of manufacturing excellence and innovation. Every installer who climbs on your roof is a CertainTeed ShingleMaster™, having received extensive training in shingle installation. Its’s what makes Crown Roofing stand out from other roofing contractors in Glen Carbon and provides peace of mind you’re working with the best in the business.

Working on Roof

Roof Repair

You probably don’t think much about your roof until problems inside your home start to pop up. Minor roof issues, like holes, cracks, leaks, missing shingles, can lead to expensive – and often dangerous – issues, including water damage, mold and rot. The moment you spot roof damage, contact the roof repair experts at Crown Roofing in Glen Carbon. We’ll get our roof back in shape and ready to handle whatever weather Mother Nature throws at it.

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

The average roof should last 20 years, but our rough weather here in Glen Carbon can shorten its lifespan. If wind, hail or storm damage has impacted the integrity of your home, call Crown Roofing & Exteriors. We not only offer the best in roof tear offs and roof installation services; we work directly with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure your repair is covered. In addition, if your roof needs to be replaced after protecting your family for years, we can change it out for a new, more energy-efficient option.

New Home Roof Installation

New Home Roof Installation

When you’re building a new home in Glen Carbon, you want to be sure it stands out in your neighborhood and stands up to harsh Madison County weather. Crown Roofing & Exteriors has partnered with local home builders for the past decade to prevent any unexpected surprises. We will work alongside your contractor from the beginning of a new construction project to define your planned roof type and system. We’ll also determine the framework, underlayment, and shingles that provide the insulation and waterproofing you need and the enviable style you desire.

Why Choose Crown Roofing Company in Glen Carbon, IL for Your Next Project

Most out-of-town roofing contractors aren’t reliable installers – they’re storm-chasers than roll into town as soon as soon as the wind and hail die down. Crown Roofing & Exteriors, on the other hand, is based right here in the St. Louis Metro East. We strive to make sure your roof repair or replacement exceeds your expectations and offer the superior customer service your deserve.

What makes Crown Roofing different than other Glen Carbon roofing contractors?

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More About Glen Carbon

The Village of Glen Carbon as we know it began as smaller pioneer communities. Officially established in 1892, workers from the Madison Coal Company and the St. Louis Press Brick Company wanted to create a company town that provided for its workers. Within a decade, Glen Carbon had annexed surrounding areas, like Peters Station in the west and the Mont settlement in the east, growing with its population.

As a mining and railroading town, the Village was a center of travel for both goods and people. It was common for residents and visitors to board a train and travel to Saint Louis using one of the two local train depots. These railroads were essential to agricultural, brick, and mining operations, as it was the easiest and most efficient way to deliver goods from Glen Carbon’s flourishing industries.

Glen Carbon was home to the St. Louis Press Brick Company that supplied bricks to surrounding towns and the construction of the 1904 World’s Fair buildings in Forest Park, a few of which still stand today.  

Main Street was a bustling mercantile center with various merchants, grocers, and saloons. In 1894, the Village passed an ordinance called “In Relation to Misdemeanors,” laying the foundations for the law enforcement necessary in a growing population. The lively community then created its first volunteer fire department in 1898.

Because of the local brick and mining industry, Glen Carbon became a hub for immigrants, each gathering with others from similar areas and recreating familiar spaces. As a result, many neighborhood organizations sprang up, their mission to preserve their heritage, but with events open to all and offering a sense of community rivaled by none. The Village’s new residents watched out and cared for each other, something that continues today.

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