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To the roofing experts at Crown Roofing & Exteriors, you’re family. And as family, we want to do everything possible to ensure you and your home are protected season after season. We specialize in roof repair and roof replacement services for homeowners in Granite City and across Madison County who have experienced storm damage. In addition, our roofing company focuses on getting new home construction projects off the ground with superior products and expert installation.

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Granite City Roofing Company Services

Working on Roof

Roof Repair

You probably don’t think much about your roof until problems inside your home start to pop up. Minor roof issues, like holes, cracks, leaks, missing shingles, can lead to expensive – and often dangerous – issues, including water damage, mold and rot. The moment you spot roof damage, contact the roof repair experts at Crown Roofing in Granite City. We’ll get our roof back in shape and ready to handle whatever weather Mother Nature throws at it.

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

The average roof should last 20 years, but our rough weather here in Granite City can shorten its lifespan. If wind, hail or storm damage has impacted the integrity of your home, call Crown Roofing & Exteriors. We not only offer the best in roof tear offs and roof installation services; we work directly with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure your repair is covered. In addition, if your roof needs to be replaced after protecting your family for years, we can change it out for a new, more energy-efficient option.

New Home Roof Installation

New Home Roof Installation

The home building business is booming in Granite City and across Madison County – but it also comes with its share of challenges for homeowners constructing their dream home. Crown Roofing & Exteriors has years of experience with new home construction and partners with builders in Belleville to ensure any roof you choose fits with their framework and your design aesthetics. All new roof products we use offer the best in insulation, waterproofing, and weather defense, and are installed by highly-trained, local roofers.

Why Choose Crown Roofing Company in Granite City, IL for Your Next Project

Most out-of-town roofing contractors aren’t reliable installers – they’re storm-chasers than roll into town as soon as soon as the wind and hail die down. Crown Roofing & Exteriors, on the other hand, is based right here in the St. Louis Metro East. We strive to make sure your roof repair or replacement exceeds your expectations and offer the superior customer service your deserve.

What makes Crown Roofing different than other Granite City roofing contractors?

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More About Granite City

Granite City has a rich and varied history.  Prior to its founding in 1896, it was home to various tribes of Native American Indians and was then settled by French and later English and German immigrants.  During the boom of the Industrial Revolution, Granite City became a prime location for industrial growth due to its central location and access to the Mississippi River.  It was during this time that industrialists Frederick and William Niedringhaus founded their operations for the St. Louis Stamping Company that would eventually become Granite City Steel.

The City was then founded by these same men that brought the industrial revolution to Old Six Mile.  As people began to move here from all over the nation and the world, the City began to grow up around its industrial base.  Over time, things began to change, as they always do.  We are still an industrial town and thousands of people still rely on the steel mill to put food on their table, but the city, like the country, is not as industrial as it once was.

In reading about the history of Granite City, one can find a fascinating array of stories about people from all walks of life who come from all over the world that saw Granite City as their opportunity to achieve the perennial goal: the American Dream.  In these pages, you can read about everyone from the early European settlers, to the wealthy industrialists, to the eastern European kids from Lincoln Place who led Granite City to its only state basketball championship in 1944.  The captain of that team, Andy Philip, went on to play in the NBA and is now in the NBA Hall of Fame.

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