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Siding Repair Services in the Metro East

Restore What Weather and Aging Stole

Year after year, our siding takes a beating from the elements and the brunt of aging. Even if we work hard to maintain our home’s exteriors, the chronic wear-and-tear will eventually cause permanent damage. If siding isn’t fixed, the problem can lead to water damage, mold and a drop in your property value. Even worse, once one piece of siding falls off, it causes a domino effect since siding pieces support each other.

Crown Roofing & Exteriors can get your siding back in shape quickly and efficiently. Siding repairs are performed using CertainTeed siding products and accessories, which are top-rated for quality and durability, allowing our expert installers to focus on a variety of siding repairs, including:

  • Bulging or warped siding
  • Rot, mold or mildew
  • Cracks and gaps
  • Loose or missing siding pieces
  • Blisters or bubbles on the siding
  • Hail dents
  • Faded siding

By Your Side After the Storm

As soon as a hail or window storm hits the Metro East, siding contractors start flooding the St. Louis market, gouging customers and performing shoddy work. When your siding has been damaged, turn to a local siding contractor who takes your best interests to heart. Located in New Baden, Ill, Crown Roofing & Exteriors is here to help our neighbors for the long haul by quickly repairing your siding and backing up our installation with our workmanship guarantee.

Don’t hesitate to call if your siding has suffered from the fallout of a storm. Crown’s siding experts will help you decide if a siding repair or siding replacement is the better option for your home. We’ll determine the extent of your siding damage, the age of your siding, and the potential for future damage to provide you with an honest, no-obligation quote. And because we know how busy you are, we’ll gladly handle your claim with your insurance company.

Why Choose Crown Roofing & Exteriors for Your Siding Repair

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Siding Contractor Near Me

Located in New Baden, Ill., Crown Roofing & Exteriors specializes in siding repairs for homeowners across the St. Louis Metro East. We serve multiple Southern Illinois counties, including St. Clair, Madison, Washington, Monroe, Marion, Clinton, and Randolph.

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